ch. 1. How to use this lab manual

ch. 2. The science practices: developing skills

ch. 3. Quantitative skills

ch. 4. Written, verbal, an visual communication

ch. 5. Connecting lab experiences to the real world

Investigation 1. What is the relationship between the concentration of a solution and the amount of transmitted light through the solution ?

Investigation 2. How can color be used to determine the mass percent of copper in brass ?

Investigation 3. What makes hard water hard ?

Investigation 4. How much acid is in fruit juice and soft drinks ?

Investigation 5. Sticky question: how do you separate molecules tha are attracted to one another ?

Investigation 6. What's in that bottle ?

Investigation 7. Using the principle that each substance has unique properties to purify a mixture: an experiment applying green chemistry to purification.

Investigation 8. How can we determine the actual percentage of H2O2 in a drugstore bottle of hydrogen peroxide ?

Investigation 9. Can the individual components of Quick ache relief be use to resolve consumer complaints ?

Investigation 10. How long will that marble statue last ?

Investigation 11. What is the rate law of the fading of crystal violet using Beer's law ?

Investigation 12. The hand warmer design challenge: where does the heat come from ?

Investigation 13. Can we make the colors of the rainbow ? an application of LeChatelier's principle. (errors)

Investigation 14. How do the structure and the initial concentration of an acid and a base influence the pH of the resultant solution during a titration ?

Investigation 15. To what extent do common household products have buffering activity ?

Investigation 16. The preparation and testing of an effective buffer: how do components influence a buffer's pH and capacity ?