Ch. 8 & 18 redox reactions                  test     [40 points]                                                       Chem


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 1. What is the oxidation number of __.  [10 points]

 a. Mn in KMnO4 is  ______ 

 b. Sulfur in the sulfate ion is ____

 c. C in CH3OH is ___ 

 d. Nitrogen in nitrogen gas is  ____ 

 e. Nitrogen in barium nitrate is  ____

2.  Identify the atom (in the molecule) that are involved in oxidation and reduction (in the both the reactant and product) in the following redox reactions; include the oxidation number near the atom that is oxidized or reduced.  [12 points]

 a. CH3OH   +   O2   à   CO2   +   H2O


Oxidized:  _______________________


Reduced:  _______________________

 b. MnO4 -   +  Zn  +  H+  à  H2O  +  Mn2+  +  Zn2+


Oxidized:  _______________________


Reduced:  _______________________


3. Write the net ionic equation for the following reactants; if there is no reaction, then write “no reaction”.  [6 points

 a. add solid zinc into an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride

 b. the combustion of CH4

4. Identify the type(s) of reactions using the below list of possible reactions.   [6 points]

single replacement reaction                  decomposition reaction

combustion reaction                            redox reaction

synthesis reaction                                               

 a. C6H12O6  +  O2  à  CO2  +  H2O is  ______________________________

 b. Cu  +  HNO3  à  Cu(NO3)2  +  NO2  +  H2O is  _____________________

 c. Zn  +  HBr  à  ZnBr2  +  H2  is  _________________________________


 5. In regards to the reaction:   MnO4 -  +  Zn  +  H+  à  H2O  +  Mn2+  +  Zn2+   [6 point]


 a. The oxidizing agent is  _______________

b. The reducing agent is  ____________________