Ch. 14 IMF                                          60 points (10 extra credit)                                                        chemistry

1. Identify the type of IMF in the below compounds; justify your answer (i.e. integrate Lewis structure, VSEPR, & dipole moment).  [15 points]

a. NH3

b. CH4

c. CH3Br

2. Describe the basis of London IMF in nonpolar compounds; include temporary dipole & induced dipole in your response.   [10 points]

3. In regards to adsorption chromatography,   [10 points]

a. What is/are application(s) of chromatography ? 

b. What is the basis of adsorption chromatography ?

4. What is the relative amount of time to cook an egg by boiling it in water at sea level versus on a mountain; justify /rationalize your response.  [10 points]

5. Sketch / label a graph of the vapor pressure versus temperature with three curves corresponding to H2O, CH4, and HCl; justify / rationalize your answer.  [15 points]

6. Which chemical, CH4 versus C2H6, has a higher vapor pressure ?  Justify / rationalize your answer.  [10 points extra credit; based on reading the textbook]