Ch. 8 & 18 chemical reactions                         test                               60  points                                             chemistry

1. Second chance to do the weekly quiz.  [20 points]

a. In regards to CaCr2O7, what is the oxidation number of  __ .  [6 points]

i. Ca:  _____

ii. Cr:  _____

iii. O:  _____

2. Write the net ionic equation for the reaction of mixing aqueous solutions of barium nitrate and lithium phosphate.  [6 points]

3. Identify the type(s) of reaction, i.e. double replacement, single replacement, redox, precipitation, combustion, synthesis, decomposition, acid-base.  [8 points]

i.  Zn +  Cu(NO3)2  →  . . . :  __________________________________

ii. C6H12O6  +  O2  → . . . :  __________________________________

4. Identify / label the chemicals that undergoes oxidation and reduction by using an arrow to connect these chemicals.  Also, write the oxidation number near each of these chemicals.  [15 points]

a. Cu   +   Zn(NO3)2   →   Zn   +   Cu(NO3)2

b. CH4  +  O2   →  CO2  +  H2O

c. N2  +  H2  →  NH3

5. Write the net ionic equation for mixing the below chemicals.  If there is no reaction, then write “no reaction” and the reason.  [15 points]

a. Mix an aqueous solutions of hydrogen chloride and sodium carbonate.

b. Mix aqueous solutions of sodium chloride and potassium bromide.

c. The combustion of ethane, C2H6.

d. Bubble chlorine gas into an aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide.

e. Mix aqueous solutions of calcium nitrate and sodium phosphate.

6. Write an example of  __.  [10 points]

a.  decomposition reaction:  ___________________________________________

b. double replacement reaction:  _______________________________________

c. single replacement reaction:  ________________________________________

d.  precipitation reaction:  _____________________________________________

e.  synthesis reaction:  ________________________________________________