background [prelab assignment (15 points) due at the begining of lab]

design an experiment to accomplish the purpose of this lab

describe / list the experimental data / measurements

describe the data analysis to accomplish the purpose of this lab; setup equation(s) is sufficient, then say "solve for . . . "


goal 1. determine the specific heat of a metal

goal 2. compare the experimental final temperature of mixing 2 liquids at a different temperatures to its theoretically calculated final temperature


water, metal; thread

coffee cup calorimeter, temperature sensor / probeware; beaker; hot plate; gradulated cylinder, electronic balance

methods / data analysis

student design

content of lab report [25 points]

satisfy the purpose of the lab in an organized manner; include experimental data & calculation

error analysis - compare to theoretical value for goal 2 in the purpose


specific heat of metal & mixing liquids at different temperature simulation (select: "experiment" rather than "demonstration"). FYI; there might be error in the simulation; e.g. no temperature change when add water and alcohol at the same temperature.