ch. 9. Humans and climate change

Climate change is a multi-displinary endeavor, where chemistry has a role. The purpose of this chapter serves to be as an introduction to the issue of climate change, where a number past and upcoming course content will be relevant to the issue of climate change. In addition to chemistry, other displines have a role in climate change, where some of these discplines will be explored in the below climate change presentation assignment.

Unlike prior lessons, for efficiency, recommend assigning different group members to specific section of your assignment, then share / organize its content for your presentation.

Unfortunately, your group's "typical" resources will probably have limited information in regards to this assignment; thus it will be an opportunity to develop and use your science / information literacy skills.

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CW: informatiion gathering phase assignment

Prepare a group presentation addressing one of the below issues.  

9.1 causes / determinants / basis of climate change ? in addtion to atmospheric CO2, include other causes; e.g. earth's orbit (e.g. ice age); ocean current (e.g little ice age ?), volcano (e.g. dark age ?). asteroid impact (e.g. dinosour extinction ?).

9.2 impact / effect of climate change on: e.g. little ice age (in europe) and ancient civilizations; in addtion to global warming (pro vs con), include other impacts; e.g. forest fire, disease spread, sea level rise, storms, famine, which can impact current humans. 

9.3 positive / negative feedback loops in climate change ? examples / description / basis ? tipping point in climate change ?

9.4  what is "manufacture confusion / controversy / doubt" in the context of climate change ? provide examples of such misinformation & refute. motivation / purpose ?

9.5 what is "environmental injustice" ? is climate change an "environmental justice" issue ? support your response.

9.6   feasibility of climate change mitigation? e.g.

possible climate change resources: e.g.

group presentation rubric