group expectations -- rotate roles on different assignments for equity.

learning pyramid

prior group work experience; e.g.

sfusd mathematics

"The SFUSD Math Core Curriculum is intended to promote discourse in the teaching and learning of mathematics. . . . lesson series that are premised on group work . . . "

sfusd ngss middle school

"The SFUSD Science Middle Grades Core Curriculum . . . relies heavily on groupwork. . . . require students to be more active learners. . . . there are no step-by-step procedures for students to follow."

on a related note, the value of group work; e.g. study group / team work; e.g. academic and employment setting.

group work / class work / home work - cover sheet - include on 1st page of assignment; otherwise, no points.

fall spring
Q 1 Q 1 ; eval
Q 2 Q 2 ; eval
Q 3 Q 3