ch. 10.  sea level rise     

While the prior lesson (on ch 8) provide links to an online chem textbook, this chapter and subsequent chapters may not provide such links, so use your information literacy skills to find the appropriate information; e.g. use prior online chem textbook ? your chem textbook; including the "blue book" ? other ?

10.1 CW / HW: heat [self score; 45 points]

i. ck12: thermo [30 points]

i. reading notes about bond strength - covlaent bond (i.e. bond enthalpy) [3 points] --> move to ch 8

ii. ap chem textbook; ch. 8; # 57, 59 [6 points]; print p. 2 = table of bond enthalpy or use ngss textbook; note the difference in units

iii. what is the relative amount of heat generated by the combustion of 125 g methane versus 125 g propane, ? show your calculations; hints:

10.2 heating curve [18 points]

i.. ck12: thermo [12 points]

ii. ap chem textbook; ch. 11; # 28, 29 [6 points]

10.3 thermochemistry lab