spring presentation

Climate change is a multi-displinary endeavor, where chemistry has a role. The purpose of the presentation is to teach your classmates the content in the ngss chem textbook, which were not taught in the class. Use the ngss chem textbook as a resource, as well as, using your information literacy skills to supplment the information in the ngss chem textbook. While your group does not have to use the suggestions in the below links, your group has to address the content referred to in the below link in regards to its content / concepts.

In addition to your group's presentation, your group is to do the other group's presentation as a classwork assignment. As such, this set of assignments will be worth 120 points = 30 points (your group presentation) + 90 points (other group's presentation as your group's classwork assignment). All groups have to turn in something on the due dates.

Submit either a link to your group's Google slide URL or PowerPoint file as an email file attachment before school starts on the day of your group's presentation; otherwise, your group's presentation score = 0. Your group will have up to a hour for its presentation.

Prepare a group presentation addressing one of the below issues, where it shall be assigned beforehand.

ch. 10 sea level rise [30 points]

ch. 11 earth's energy balance [30 pomts]

ch 15 water quality [30 points]

ch. 16 ocean acidification [30 points]