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Ch. 14 & 7  IMF & chemical equations                       test                              40 points                      honors chemistry

1. Identify the type of IMF in the following compounds; justify your answer.  [10 points]

2.  Which compound, sulfur tetrafluoride versus carbon tetrafluoride, has a larger vapor pressure ?  Justify / rationalize your answer.   [hint:  see preceding question; 10 points]

3.  Sketch the vapor pressure versus temperature graph for sulfur tetrafluoride versus carbon tetrafluoride.  Label both axis and identify which curve corresponds to which compound.  Justify / rationalize your answer.  [hint:  see preceding questions; 9 points]

4. Fill-in the below blanks to “balance” the chemical equations using the lowest ratio of integers; enter “1” as appropriate. [11 points]