Empirical formula Lab

background [prelab assignment (20 points); due at the beginning of the lab]

1. in this lab, you will be given a sample of barium chloride hydrate [BaCl2* 2 H2O].  briefly, describe the experimental procedure to determine the # grams of Ba, Cl, and H2O in the compound. (i.e. review the purpose & content of your lab report)

2. sketch a data table for your experimental measurements.

3. download / save the *. swf file, then run the simulation using Ruffle to analyze simulated data using 2.0 g of sample to determine the empirical formula of copper oxide.

4. MSDS on silver nitrate


determine the empirical formula (including the # water molecules associated with metal chloride) based upon experimental data

compare results of using mass of filter paper before use to filter suspension versus after air dry precipitate in your calculations


~ 1.5 g of barium chloride hydrate

balance; test tube; flask

hot plate

water;  30 mL 0.5 M silver nitrate

filter paper / funnel

methods / data analysis

student design


Content of lab report [35 points]

introduction  [10 points]

methods  [5 points]

results  [10 points]

discussion  [5 points]


heat suspension rationale