Determine the Δ H of a reaction Honors Chemistry

background [prelab assignment (15 points) due at the beginning of lab]

1.sketch a data table for your experimental measurements (i.e. review the purpose & content of your lab report)

2. download / save *.swf file and use Ruffle to simulate adding 5 g potassium hydroxide to 100 g water and confirm / refute the results based on "theory"

3. msds information on NH4NO3



determine experimentally ΔH

calculate % error for ΔH to dissolve NaOH

determine ΔHf (NO3- (aq))

fulfill various aspects of the NGSS science & engineering standards.


~ 3 g NaOH;  ~ 6 g NH4NO3;  ~ 40 mL water

coffee cup (calorimeter); thermometer; balance

methods / analysis

student design


Content of lab report (35 points)

data analysis (20 points)

data table of your experimental data

determine ΔHf (NO3- (aq)) based on experimental data

calculate % error (of ΔH to dissolve NaOH), show calculation for theoretical ΔH to dissolve NaOH

statistics [compare ΔH to dissolve NaOH  theoretical versus experimental]

discussion (10 points)

rationalize error in ΔH to dissolve NaOH; if there's no error, then there's no need to rationalize.

describe / list two NGSS science & engineering practices that correlates to an aspect of this laboratory activity; provide an example in the lab & this lab report that meets these practices