Volume of liquids on a Penny Honors Chemistry


background [prelab assignment (10 points); due at the beginning of lab]

design / describe an experimental protocol based on the below materials to determine the maximum volume (in mL) of a liquid on a penny

sketch a data table for your experimental measurements


using conversion factors, determine the maximum volume (in mL) of water versus isopropanol on a penny (heads side)

compare the maximum volume of liquid on a penny


water; isopropanol; penny

dropper bottle; graduated cylinder; balance

methods, data, & analysis

student design


Content of lab report   (20 points)

data analysis (10 points)

data table of your experimental data

determine the volume of liquid on the penny using conversion factors (show your work)

discussion (10 points)

statistics (include interpretation of p-value)

using concepts of intermolecular force & the chemical structure of water & alcohol, rationalize the relative volumes of the 2 liquids on a coin