goto the following web pages, make observations, then answer the below questions - based on your observations & refer to your observations in your answer. 

work in pairs:

"molecular expressions" website 

select: type of AO, then subtype of AO. 

you can rotate the image by using the mouse to select an axis, move the mouse, then release.


"orbital viewer" program  (directions)

alternative to orbital viewer - not as "good"


Questions   ignore the color / sign of the different AO.   [13 points]

use "molecular expressions" website

1.  what is the relationship between the  ___ 

use orbital viewer

2.  Describe and sketch all different shapes of the 4f orbital (the "polygon" view option may be useful to visualize the image)  [3 points]

3.  What is the effect of changing the number of  ___ [be explicit; 2 points]