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linear regression

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import Excel content into Mathematica

for large sample, use modified t-test (less value for 1-anova)

Mathematica is a computer algebra system (e.g. article); it was used to develop the preceding statistics test / concepts (e.g. article), since there are flaws in using the statistics features in Excel (e.g. 1; 2; 3). Mathematica is available on most computers in the classroom, but not on other computers in the school.

Recommendation: (i) once the above program is open, reduce its width, open a new notebook (File --> New --> Notebook), then reduce its width, so that you have conveneint access to both notebooks, (ii) run program, and (iii) select the output by placing the cursor at the left bracket associated with the output in the notebook, then press "control c" to copy, then move the cursor to the new workbook, press "control v" to paste the output, then print the output and include it in the appropriate place in your lab report.